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Why Clear Aligners

Many people, whether by choice or circumstance, were unable to get corrective orthodontics as a child. Many more were put off by the stigma of wearing traditional braces. They do not want people to stare at their mouths or make comments about the braces they are wearing.

While they want to have their crooked teeth straightened and their misaligned jaw corrected, they do not want to go the traditional braces route. They do not want to have food get caught in their braces while they eat, making for embarrassing moments.

For those people, there is an option which does not hinder brushing and flossing, and which are virtually unnoticeable. Food will not get stuck in them either. This option is called clear aligners. Clear aligners do not use metal brackets or metal wires, but instead clear alignment trays which people will not see. It is a much more appealing solution. Come talk to us about it at Senestraro Family Orthodontics to get the details and find out how to get started.

The Concept

Traditional braces can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort with metal brackets and wires rubbing the inside of the patient’s cheeks raw. Every time an adjustment is made, the patient is in even more pain. Clear aligners do not operate under the same treatment concept.

Instead, they apply steady, gentle pressure with a series of clear alignment trays. They are not permanently affixed to your teeth, meaning they can be removed at any time to properly brush and floss. They are made of flexible plastic so there is nothing to rub abrasively against the inside of the patient’s teeth which means they are far more comfortable than traditional braces.

Why Should I Choose Clear Aligners?

The trays are manufactured to the exact measurements of the given patient’s oral cavity, meaning they fit perfectly. They will not be slipping out of place rubbing the soft tissue raw. Worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day, they are highly effective.

The patient will begin to notice changes almost immediately in both their jaw motion as well as the way their teeth come together. One of the biggest benefits is the teeth in need of adjustment are the only ones that will be affected. Unlike braces where the wire is spread across all of the teeth, the alignment trays only put pressure on the teeth to be moved.

Obviously, the length of time patients will wear clear aligners will largely depend on the issues needing to be corrected. While some patients might need to wear the trays for over a year, most only wear them a few months with the proper care.

Clear Aligners Are the Clear Choice

Most people think of the metal smiles and the curious looks of people seeing patients wearing braces, but now with the advent of clear aligners, those curious looks and anxiety can be averted. Come to our office to find out more. We are located at Senestraro Family Orthodontics.

Please come see us to get more information about clear aligners. We can also provide phone consultations too by calling the following number: (503) 925-8899. Our office can set up your initial consultation immediately.
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