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Braces and Dental Hygiene
Sherwood, OR

A young girl with braces with a brush in her hand in at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Sherwood, OR 97140.You already know just how important it is to brush and floss daily. If you are wearing braces, or you have a child in braces, the importance of daily oral hygiene becomes especially important. Not taking good care of your teeth with braces can lead to serious issues, and can even impact your orthodontic treatment. Senestraro Family Orthodontics can help you to take good care of your braces so that you protect your mouth during your treatment and ensure its success.

Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene with Braces

When you have braces, plaque and bacteria have more places to hide. If you do not properly clean your teeth, and your braces, the plaque, and bacteria can continue to accumulate in their hiding spots. This can eventually lead to the development of decay and cavities. These substances can irritate your gums, causing gum disease. You may also develop decalcification, or white spots on your teeth, and bad breath. When oral health issues have to be treated, it can mean that your treatment period is lengthened to provide you with the restorative care you need.

Your Diet and Your Oral Health

What you eat can significantly impact your oral health, even without braces. When you have braces, certain types of foods need to be limited or avoided altogether. Some foods can get trapped on your braces, increasing the risk for cavities and gum disease. Other types of foods can damage your braces, which can then affect your treatment.

Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

You should continue to brush your teeth every morning and every night. Ideally, you should also brush your teeth after each meal. At the very least, you should rinse your mouth out to remove lingering food particles. When you do brush, brush each tooth for several seconds, making sure to clean around each of your brackets. For more difficult to brush areas, an interdental brush can be helpful.

Flossing should continue to be done at least once a day. It can be tedious to thread the floss under the wires for each area. A floss threader can help to make the job a bit easier. Floss between each tooth as well as under the wire and around the brackets. Be gentle on your gums and your braces to avoid damage.

Routine Dental Visits with Braces

Many patients think that because they have regular orthodontic visits, they do not need to see their general dentist for routine visits. This is false. You should continue to have regular dental checkups throughout the duration of your orthodontic treatment. Your general dentist will be able to help remove plaque and bacteria, as well as to detect the presence of any issues in their earliest stages of development. By providing you with regular cleanings, your general dentist helps you to avoid serious issues that could potentially impact your orthodontic treatment. They also help to ensure that your smile develops properly so that it is both beautiful and healthy when your braces come off.

If you have any questions or concerns about your dental hygiene with braces, do not hesitate to ask. Call Senestraro Family Orthodontics at (503) 925-8899 today for more information on caring for your braces.
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Braces Oral Hygiene Sherwood, OR - Senestraro Family Orthodontics
Senestraro Family Orthodontics can help you to take good care of your braces so that you protect your mouth during your treatment and ensure its success.
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