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Braces for Kids and Teens
Sherwood, OR

A teenager with braces smiling at Senestraro Family Orthodontics in Sherwood, ORYou have watched your child grow and achieve numerous milestones. Among these milestones include those that involve their smile. You watched them get their first baby tooth, lose their first baby tooth, and get their first adult tooth. All of these milestones indicate the growth and development of your child. Another common sign your child is getting older is the need for braces. While not every child needs them, braces are a sort of rite of passage for many. At Senestraro Family Orthodontics, we can determine the need for braces so that they can develop a healthy, happy, beautiful smile.

When Do Kids Typically Get Braces?

Braces are typically placed after most of your child's adult teeth have grown in. As your child grows, their mouth is closely monitored to assess development and determine potential problems. In many cases, braces are placed after the second molars have come in. This is generally between the ages of 11 and 13.

Determining the Need for Braces

To determine your child's need for braces, a consultation is first needed. During the consultation, we will perform a thorough examination of their mouth. We take digital x-rays as needed, take facial photos, and take impressions of their mouth. If it is determined that your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment, we will then formulate a treatment plan just for them.

Types of Braces for Kids and Teens

For most kids and teens, traditional metal braces are still the treatment option of choice. They are effective and durable. Moreover, because many of their classmates may also be wearing braces, the aesthetic issues are not as significant. Many children like to express their individuality with colorful bands.

Damon braces and Damon Clear are other options. Damon braces are self-ligating braces, meaning that they tighten themselves. Damon Clear is the same, but the brackets are clear instead of metal.

For older teens, clear aligners may also be an option. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, provide your teen with an invisible way to straighten their teeth. This way, they are not so concerned about a shiny metal smile when hanging out with their friends, having pictures taken for the yearbook, or heading to a school dance.

Preventing Potentially Severe Cases with Early Orthodontics

Some children can benefit from what is known as early orthodontic treatment. Around the age of 7, children are recommended for an orthodontic evaluation. If your child is exhibiting signs of overcrowding, protruding teeth, or other bite issues, early orthodontics may be recommended. This may involve the use of a palatal expander to help the upper jaw grow so that it can accommodate the adult teeth. Even with early orthodontic treatment, your child may still need braces when they get older.

However, undergoing early treatment can prevent the need for tooth extractions and shorten the length of their treatment time. In some instances, it may be possible for your child to avoid the need for braces altogether by undergoing early orthodontic treatment.

For more information about braces for your child, and to schedule their consultation, call Senestraro Family Orthodontics at (503) 925-8899 today.
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